Coupon Policy

Pennington’s Supermarketaccepts only original manufacturer coupons, original coupons from the Pennington’sSupermarket ad and coupons from .

Couponsfrom the Pennington’s Supermarket ad and website will have the “Pennington’sSupermarket” logo clearly printed on them. No photocopied or visibly alteredcoupons. No other internet coupons are accepted.


Pennington’sSupermarket accepts one coupon per item per transaction, not to exceed theprice of the product. The coupon must be less than the price of the item afterall discounts have been applied. There will be no cash back for coupons with avalue higher than the item’s purchase price. All discounts must be applied toitems prior to coupon redemption.


Freeitem coupons are redeemed for the price of the item at the time of purchase. Nomore than one coupon will be accepted with free item promotions. Coupons mustmeet Pennington’s coupon requirements as stated.


Couponsmust scan properly, and must be presented along with the item purchased.Coupons must show expiration date and be presented prior to this date. Pennington’sSupermarket does not match or accept competitor coupons or offers. Pennington’sSupermarket reserves the right to limit quantities.


Alltransactions are subject to state and local tax laws. Taxes are applied priorto coupon reductions.


Pennington’sSupermarket reserves the right to amend, modify, or cancel the above policies.

Contactyour local Pennington’s Supermarket for each store’s specific coupon policyregarding the doubling of coupons and coupon limits.